Saturday, 2 July 2011

Ingrid And The Battle For The Throne

I stepped forward and looked up at the great king. My heart pounded. People were only taken here if they got in trouble. The king stepped down from his throne and looked at me. I looked back up at him, stepped back and asked, "Why am I here?" The king did not respond but only shook his head like he didn't here the question. He looked down and me and said in a powerful voice, "You ask why you are here. You already know." I looked at him. "Uh no I don't. I have to get to school." The king got back into his throne and said, "You have pulled a prank that has set the whole world in peril." The king settled in his throne and said, "You have been punished by house arrest." The guards took me out as I struggled to get loose.

As the guards dropped me in the courtyard and then headed back, the king laughed evily like he was planning something. I have to get in there. I though. But, nevertheless, how WILL I get back in? I looked around then sneaked around the back. I looked. I climbed up using a rope. I dropped to the floor then, looked around for any guards. One was coming so I raced into the Shadows. "Great plan king made." one said. "Yeah. We need to fly out at 8." another said. "I'm not stupid." said the other. He shoved him and went off towards the ballroom. I snuck near the King's room by someone I reconized. "Adam?" I asked. 
(Adam is the bro of Kate, one of Ingrid's friends)
"Yeah?" he asked. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Duty." he said. "Afraid I can't let you in." I looked at him. "Let me in before I make ya." I threatened. Adam looked at me like: Do you REALLY want to do that? I couldn't believe it. He was my half-brother and...
"Did Brandon put you up to this?" I asked. "Brandon did nothing." he said. "Surprise, surprise." I said. 
(Brandon is my brother who loves to mess with me)
"I can't let you in either." said Brandon. Brandon was a guard? Since when did he do stuff like that? "Can you get me some-" I tried. "No." Brandon said. "Can I see-" I tried again. "No." replied Brandon with a smirk on his face. "You didn't let me finish!" I said. "I know." Brandon said. "Why are you here?" I asked him. "I took this op to see inside the castle." he said. "Let me in to see the king!" I said. Brandon walked away and said, "I'm on break." Adam looked at me carefully as if he were studying me. "You're staring at me." I said, creeped out. "Um..." he replied. "Do you...wanna go out...with me?" he asked. I looked at him. "Once we get out of here." I said. Adam said "I know a way out." He pointed over to a little peak. "Thanks." I said. I ran over and climbed up it. A guard told Adam to go on break and he took it. I saw a little map of the palace. I saw the King's Room was just under me. What do I do? Stab the ground? I looked to see the room was just to the right. Guards were of course there. They fell to the ground somehow. I saw Adam behind me. "Oh god!" I screamed. "You wanna know how to get down there?" he asked. "Yeah." I said. "Did you ever consider taking the ladder?" He asked. "THERE'S A LADDER?!" I asked. "Uh, yeah. It's right in front of you." He said. I looked. It actually was. I climbed down muttering things. I spotted someone familiar. I looked. Who did it claim to be? Crystal. The girlfriend of Brandon. Still. I liked Crystal but Brandon is just...
I walked over to her. She looked at me. She looked at me. Then at Adam and at me again. "Are you two dating?" She asked. "No." I said. "He was just...uh...helping me." I just noticed Adam was holding my hand. I let go of it. Crystal looked around. "Where's Brandon?" She asked. "Brandon?" Asked Adam. "He's on break." I looked around at the chandeiler but Adam caught my attention. "Do you, Ingrid?" asked Crystal. "Excuse me." I said. Crystal sighed and repeated the question. "Do you have a spare 20 I could borrow?" I shook my head. She sighed and headed off. I ran into the King's Room as for he saw me. The King spoke "Come closer, pesant." My heart beat grew faster and faster. I looked at the King. He looked at me with a stern look. I took my knife out. I know, it was a stupid thing to do but it seemed good at the time. The King looked at me and his voice boomed. "HOW DARE YOU!" he yelled. I then got Furious. "What the hell did I do that was so wrong?" I said. "Did I kill someone? Did I dig up the dead? What did I do?" The King looked at me. "You are officially kicked out of this town!" Crystal ran in. "What's with the yelling?" she asked. "King kicked me out." I said. The King put his foot down and kicked everyone out of the town.

Chapter 2

I still wondered what the King was up to as I packed my stuff. I looked at Kate, cursing.
I'll make the rest of Chapter 2.  

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